hi you (my dear customer), try to watch these videos, you must learn from these marketing channels, try to do what they do:-

note: these are youtube marketing channels only.

  • in this page i present some kind of learning in marketing and promotion from expert people in this field, these people made thousands of dollars from internet marketing, not all of them, but smart people.

  • all of these people are great people (i consider them smart people), i'm trying to follow them, see what they do, trying to ask them about earning/profiting methods if i can.

  • these are my youtube marketing channels, i'm trying to provide some valuable content and good learning materials, marketing lessons, and more. also i'm trying to build and grow my list of subscribers, take a look at them:-

1- my first youtube channel

2- the second youtube channel

  • please subscribe and support me.

this page is under construction

please wait for my updates for a while.

thank you for understanding.

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